“Keep Hope Alive” Awards Reception & Rev. Jesse Jackson Tribute Celebration was held Monday, May 8th, 4-7pm at Cisco – 300 East Tasman Drive, Building 10, Montgomery Conference Room


Tuesday Program Sessions, May 9th, 9am-6pm were at Cisco – 260 East Tasman Drive, Building 9


Our Theme for 2023 is: “INTENTIONAL INCLUSION”: Creating Opportunities and Opening the Doors to Diversity & Equity in Tech, Business and Beyond!


Rainbow PUSH and our PUSHTECH initiative has been the catalyst to challenge Silicon Valley. We’ve led the campaign to change the face of technology. We’ve successfully engaged companies to release their EEO-1 and workforce diversity data, revealing the gross underrepresentation of people of color. Our work has begun to turn the tide and create more opportunities with more intentional diversity and opportunity in tech. We’ve researched the virtual exclusion of African Americans and people of color in the boardrooms and in the C-suites and helped open more seats at the table. We’re making the case that inclusion leads to growth; and when there is growth everybody wins!


On May 8-9, we returned to an IN-PERSON EXPERIENCE for our 8th Annual PUSHTECH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit.


This years’ event featured an exciting array of technology advances, resources, tools and advances that have not only helped us navigate the past three years, and also propel us into an exciting post-pandemic future. We also continued to remain diligent in our assignment to tear down walls of separation and open up doors of opportunity. Diversity, equity and inclusion are not mere words, but marching orders that we have committed to, and the conference provided us updates on our progress and hope for the future. We also celebrated the significant contributions of our colleagues, feature collaborations that our organization has successfully engaged in, and created appropriate opportunities for networking and community that we believe to be both informational and inspirational to all.

Honoring the Memory of Jean Yonemura Wing

9th Annual PUSHTECH is 4/24/24

Stay Tuned for more info.