Reginald Grant

Reginald “Reggie” Grant, MSEd
Business Strategist, Business Development at Retired NFL Players Congress and Co-founder, eSportsInstruction

I consult with CEOs, and start-up companies to help them develop revenues, cultures of success, and position them to raise capital. Using our eSports Instruction, eSiPitch, and non-traditional Business Accelerator platforms.

Retired NFL Players Congress –, I work with the Retired NFL Players Congress on the development of strategic partnerships
and new business opportunities.

Co-founder,, the company is focused on the conversion of eSports (Gamification), in Sports and Education. Build with the firm belief that in today’s technology-driven society that “thoughts and ideas are the most valuable commodity on the planet.” “Intellectual Property”, “IP.” is the currency of tomorrow.

He serves on several boards, the international board of directors of the (GCUMM) the General Commission of United Methodist Men, the (NAAAA) National Alliance of African American Athletes which presents the “Watkins Award”, OWACCA a Christian basketball league in Los Angeles and, Powers, Inc. which serves youth and women, in Los Angeles. He is also a former New York Jet, and played in the CFL before signing a contract with the Miami Dolphins. He attended the University of Oregon and received his Masters in Education from the University of Southwest.



Reginald Grant, MSEd,

Business Strategist, Author, and Speaker


Co-Founder, CEO,,


My latest Book: Entrepreneur: Your Guide to Starting Your Business



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“Thoughts of An Urban Teacher” 2017

“Success Stories, Insights by African American Men” 2017 ( Student Textbook)

“Effective Mentoring in the 21st Century” 2017 (Workbook)


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